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So I was walking through the mall and was approached by a artist hustling his CD. I was actually impressed with someone not relying entirely on online push and going back to face to face street sales so I had to support. 
So I got a signed  CD 
of 10 tracks of hip hop and reggae vibe 

The beats are all pretty good but it all has banger type tracks not a lot of variety in the sounds 

I have to say I like the reggae tone allot better than the hip hop. The hiphop is the typical auto tune vibe. Better when he doing reggae or rapping without autotunes . He relies on the autotune too much on this project. It is really hard to stand out doing a sound anyone can do on computer. 

Tracks I like 
Never Lacking 
The Man 

Check him out and let me know what you like and what you don't 
Youtube LEFTY


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