TEDDY KGBvs GRAVITY Presented by: @caprapbattles

Good Friends.... Better enemies is the tag line for this battle. Gravity and Teddy KGB are too battlers who have been around for a bit and quite seasoned on this battle tip. Interesting to see what happens and how personal or not. 
Round 1
Gravity started slow for me but picked up with some nice punches from the middle of it. No haymakers but some nice bars. Some funny shit in there about friendship stuff. 
Ended with some real funny shit 
Teddy kind of went in on breaking down Gravity. Delivery was kind of boring But his bars were killer ended heavy 
Really has a thing for Teddys mom 
Edge to Teddy 

Round 2
Gravity had some good rhyming scheme ok jabs but no big punches 
Ended better than it began Really has a thing for Teddys mom again LOL 
Teddy going in on Teddy's memory with more personal breakdowns 
Another win for Teddy 

Round 3 
Gravity was good went with the comedy. I think he made a mistake of not going personal or talking any real shit  He was funny but not allot of impact 
Teddy goes funny dissing Gravity about his wife. Some jokes 
This was an even battle but maybe still edge to Teddy

I think Teddy took all 3 rounds on a good back and forth battle. I think his angles were much better to take 


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