New battle @VerbalWarZone18 - Ty Law (@TyListenAnWatch) vs. Bandana Boogie (@boogietsg):

Great battle coming from the new hot league VZW
Never heard of Bandana Boogie. Ty Law basically a vet in the business. I remember him from GT, 
Round 1Bandana started slow but was quiet killing it  Ty Law started fire but had to have a couple restarts in the middle of the verse Either way on the decision
Round 2 
Bandana Boogie had a great start but he made his end bad. He should have just ended the round instead of continuing to try because that's all you remember on the round Ty Had a couple slip ups but good great closer edge to him 

Round 3 This beat was perfect for Boogie His flow is great on it. Some nice punches. His best verse of the 3 easily 
Good verse from Ty Law But not as smooth of a flow on the beat. Some nice punches on the track. 

This was a back and forth battle. Hard to judge. I think Ty Law had better punches but I think Bandana Boogie sounded better on the beats. Both had restarts needed in every round. I was hoping one would have a perfect clean round to put one over the other. This is a battle where I literally could pick any of them and different times I might have a different decision

But I will edge it to Bandan Boogie 


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