Dot Cromwell New Music Releases: "Mood" + "Uber N' Philly" @DotCromwell

New Music | "Mood" + "Uber N' Philly"

"Who's Behind The Pen?"

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Dot Cromwell is an African American recording artist and songwriter. Currently residing in Brooklyn NY, where he partnered with the creative agency known as Driven Society, Cromwell is dedicated to bringing his music to the forefront of popular culture.

Following the exclusive debut of his latest project, "The Vanity Tape" via Okay Player, the Philly native continues to set the bar high with his undeniable rhymes over illustrious beats. Cromwell's sound is all about duality and the tension of being the bridge between two worlds: the black and white, the perceived good and perceived dangerous.

With high anticipation of his debut EP "Full of Sin", Cromwell lets listeners in on a small scale of what's to be expected on his upcoming body of work.


"Growing up in Southwest Philadelphia, I was engulfed in the tougher urban city experience while having the opportunity to attend catholic school, essentially placing me in the middle of two worlds. This song encompasses the duality of my African American experience in America, and ultimately has influenced my “MOOD” no matter where I'm at in the world."

Uber N' Philly

"From 2016-2017 I did a ton of traveling all over America, and in each city I would have to drive around with a wide range of Uber drivers. I started feeling like all of these talks needed to be documented, so I started recording them. Ultimately I ended up with a large bank of recordings and decided that throughout my career I would release "one-off" singles as part of a long running series. This conversation I had in Philly, revolves around people's perception of you vs your self perception."


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