@body_bag_bl FIIRST LADII FLAMEZ @sheiizflamezz VS NIESEY BROWN #BBBL

Flamez is ok. Good energy on her raps. SHe not the most lyrical but she does that street talk to em style. Breaking down theyre not real and with the shits type bars. Some clever gun bars droped in there She really started slow from about 5 mins in really picked up She got better and better throughout the round
That round was fucking fire. I've never seen Flamez before but I gotta check her out now

"..but go'head and let my size make you misjudge shit, and you'll see more pounds around you than you're used to puttin' up with!"
This pound will never give your dogs back

Great battle voice and delivery in the round. Boogie got to many people behind her kinds of gas were throw her off 
She trying to chat the girls man in the battle. Hahahhaha that's funny 
Punches was hit and miss. Nothing mindblowing for me. 
A little slip up

"Keep throwing up blood and I can really make you spit that"
This pound will never give your dogs bac
I give the battle to Flamez 


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