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Since disbanding Melbourne-based hip hop trio Bouncer and experiencing a ripple of radio and TV airplay, Benny Sinclair has spent the past few years in the studio writing and repositioning himself creatively, finally producing what will be his debut solo album to be released mid-2017, called The Impeccable Word.

The latest single from Sinclair is ‘Hipster Chick’, a funky, Latin-flavoured track that describes meeting a "hipster chick” on a night out. 

‘Hipster Chick’ was produced by Elvis Aljus, and mixed by DJ Rellik. Dave Walker mastered the single.

Benny influences range from 80s and 90s rappers like LL Cool J, Notorious B.I.G., NWA, to soul, reggae, and funk and artists like Bob Marley and Al Green. His music development started at the age of 12 writing and recording demos with friends, and free-styling at parties during his teenage years up until his early twenties.

His former project Bouncer, produced hits like ‘The Heavies (Feat. Pegz)’ and ‘Charge Like A Bull’, with several music videos airing on Rage and radio support from radio stations RRR, PBS, SYN FM and many others throughout Australia.

As well as releasing music, Benny has recently made a return to professional boxing, a career that he began as a teenager. He lives life based on four agreements he has adopted; 1) Be Impeccable with your word; 2) Don't take anything personally; 3) Don't make assumptions; 4) Always do your best. They have inspired him to pursue his passion in music and are reflected in the title of his first solo album The Impeccable Wordand the black and white artwork of the face of a mandrill representing the colours of truth. He plans to release 3 more albums, with the artwork reflecting the other agreements that he lives by. 

“Hipster Chick” by BENNY SINCLAIR is available in digital stores now.


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