Sinan Kaya - Deep Inside

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SOC185: Sinan Kaya - Deep InsideSOC185: Sinan Kaya - Deep Inside
Istanbul is becoming somewhat of a household name when it comes to nurturing talented electronic music artist. One of them is definitely Sinan Kaya, a producer and performer who blends deep house music roots with influences as diverse as jazz, funk and soul, learning valuable lessons from the Chicago and Detroit currents. His album release, Deep Inside, will be able to surprise you with masterfully executed arrangements and incredible build-ups with a lot of warmth and feel. All Tracks bring you back to the glory days of electronic music. 

The following tracks are available for download:
1. Sinan Kaya - Deep Inside (I'm Blue)
2. Sinan Kaya - Out of the Rain
3. Sinan Kaya - Minor Deity
4. Sinan Kaya - If This World Were Mine
5. Sinan Kaya - Untitled
6. Sinan Kaya - No Sense of Pride
7. Sinan Kaya - Wait For Me
8. Sinan Kaya - Betelgeuse
9. Sinan Kaya - Another Day Of Living
10. Sinan Kaya - Minor Deity (Jonzun Remix)
11. Sinan Kaya - Untitled (Carloscres Remix)
12. Sinan Kaya - No Sense of Pride (Babis Kotsanis Remix)
13. Sinan Kaya - Deep Inside (I'm Blue) (Brid & Snyder Remix)
14. Sinan Kaya - If This World Were Mine (Andy Bach Flowers & Bees Remix)

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