Hunnid black-queen-produced-by-chino

Hunnid collaborates with Detroit native M.A.G. on a heartfelt reminiscent visual for the mother driven tribute track titled “Black Queen” This song was inspired by Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama” This video takes us on an emotional journey dating back to childhood memories up to the most recent experiences. Chicago Native, Chino, deconstructed Tupac Shakur’s “Dear Mama’ to create “Black Queen” This video was shot and filmed by Will Mass Production.

Hunnid is an award winning urban artist, songwriter, producer and engineer with many accolades already under his belt. Continuously raising the bar higher for himself, the one-man army is on a devoted mission to be the voice for those who are often silenced. 

Hunnid is currently in the process of recording and releasing some new singles from his upcoming EP. At the moment Hunnid is touring the country, leaving his mark on every single stage he comes across. 

Be sure to check out Hunnid’s social media using the links provided and stay tuned for everything he has coming soon!

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