Debonair - Damon Lamar

Debonair is the new movement.  Nowadays it's too much disrespect all around the board. Debonair is the new swag…no it’s more than that.  To Be Debonair in the 21st Century a man must become a gentleman, a leader and an artist.  This song is solution, It's saying, Be Debonair and watch Chiraq go back to Chitown; Be Debonair start making money; be Debonair, Be Great!

Rapper as well as a visual artist.  Damon paint raps and raps paintings.  Originally from Arizona, he moved to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Around then, Kanye was producing his demos and he was also working alot w/Pugs Atomz and the Nacrobats.  In 04 he got national distribution, but soon after, He Heard My Cry came out, my label went bankrupt.  It took Damon a while to recover.  In the meantime, he became a nationally recognized artist (over a 100 murals completed).  He stayed in the studio, but failed to release new music.  Fast forward, he's gaining momentum again and he's ready to bring glory to the Chi.  


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