Meet Kam, Rising Broward Artist! "FXCK!! MY WRXST!" Directed by @IAMKEVVN and produced by ICDMAW.


With comedic lines and an intellectually savage attitude to match, Kamrye Shaw, as Kam shines as an up and coming artist from Broward County, FL. From the smoothest flow switches and dope punch lines to well predefined adlibs Kam packs a creative punch with every verse. While fellow native Kodak Black is bringing the spotlight back to South Florida, Kam has no problem keeping it there. Refusing to let the dust settle, Kam continues to introduce witty lines and entertaining vocals to the world. He provides a smooth balance between cool, wavy rap and a dope yet energetic bounce yet still maintain his audiences' attention. The is only the beginning for this artist and he's sure to bring more surprises to the game. 

He is releasing his brand new video for his freshly released track, titled  "FXCK!! MY WRXST!" Directed by @IAMKEVVN and produced by ICDMAW.

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