Majesty MajesticThoughts EP @fat_boi_got_her

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Rapper/songwriter Michael Calhoun II aka Majesty, was born and raised in Cincinnati,Ohio. Majesty fell in love with music as a child listening to Rappers and R&B singers tell stories through their words and at 7 or 8 learned he too could express himself through music. Once he realized he was lyrically and rhythmically gifted, Majesty began to write music and help other artists with writing and creative thinking, and it wasn't long before his talent started making waves locally and he was recognized by an artist respected on the scene in Cincinnati, Boogie Bang who would ultimately feature Majesty on several albums.

Known for being lyrical, poetic, great storytelling, and painting pictures with words, Majesty lists The Notorious Big, Jay-Z, Nas, Outkast,Scarface, Ice Cube, Tupac, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott as musical idols and draws inspiration from life, his surroundings, and the people around him. 

Majestys first EP "Majestic Thoughts" will be released early 2017, look out for more from this talented artist.

IG: fat_boi_got_her
FB: Majesty musik
Twitter: fat_boi_got_her


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