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Resonance Vol. 4

Damien from Collective Resonance here. Just a quick one to let you know that we have released a new fundraiser compilation. Resonance Vol. 4 is out now via Bandcamp and all proceeds are going to some good causes, including Cancer Research UK and Oxfam. This release was originally going to come out on May 26th, but we decided to release it earlier. We also originally intended to donate all proceeds to Oxfam, but there has been a bit of a change of plan on that one too. Any donations made via Bandcamp, will now go to both Cancer Research UK and to my sister-in-law Stacey. This lady is my brother's partner of roughly twenty years and she has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

She is a 36-year-old mother of three young boys (my nephews) and this came as quite a shock. She is currently having chemotherapy and also trying some popular alternative treatments on top of that. Today is Mother's Day where I am in England and she planned to have a picnic with some close family and friends in the park. Sadly she couldn't make it and had to go back into hospital because of some pain and complications. It was a little bit heartbreaking seeing all the other mothers with their children there. Then looking at my nephews, who are starting to have to get used to not seeing their mum so much as of late.

Anyway, any donations for downloads would be greatly appreciated. With 50% going to Cancer Research UK and 50% to Stacey. We are also going to be distributing this release to all the major online services at a later date. This will include iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Proceeds from sales via those services will still be going to Oxfam, the charity we originally planned to donate to. You can stream/download this release via our Bandcamp page by clicking here.

To wrap things up, I'd just like to say that I'm deeply grateful to all the artists that got involved with this compilation. You are all helping to make the world a better place by sharing these creations with us and the world. That is all for now folks.
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