Troy Brown- GOLD ft. @GarrettRaff @troybrowntv #TheREalityShow


Produced by: Freek Van Workem
Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Troy Brown began rapping and competing in hip hop showcases and contests where he honed his skills in battle rap.
He was later discovered by late underground hip hop legend PH (formerly known as Pumpkin Head) and Poison Pen. He then joined the famed GrindTime hip hop imprint, but the company largely disbanded in 2011.
Brown continued on, eventually earning himself a spot on the underground radar when he released two tracks in the GrindMode Cypher series of critically music videos.
He started the independent LBE (Lead By Example) imprint, releasing "Gold" as a single and re-entered the battle rap arena, headlining shows throughout the Europe, the US, and Canada."

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