Luckyy Bam release hit single "Usher Dem" @luckyybam

If you like Future, Young Thug, And Migos I really think you would like my single "Usher Dem". It gives the same kind of vibe that those artists would give you but still have my own unique sound to it. You should check it out.
You ever had a competition with your friends about who can pull the most girls in one night? Well that's the type of things me and my friends do lol. So the next day we went shopping trying to buy whatever I thought would give me the upper hand. From designer to the jewelry, even had to buy a new bottle of cologne and drown myself in it. That night was possibly one of the best nights in my life. Every girl I went up to gave me their number i was really feeling myself. I really thought I could get more bitches than usher and all these order iconic r&b singers. So i just kind of took that mindset and turned it into a song. 
I am a new artist from South Florida area and I am currently pushing my new single "Usher Dem". I will also be dropping my first official mixtape titled "Wake Up Call" on datpiff and spinrilla on Dec 25th


IG: @luckyybam


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