West Coast Rap Duo CLXXX combine their artistry with their love for money and bitches in new song DEATHROW

CLXXX is a hiphop duo from Los Angeles made of members Dante Ko and TYM; this is the first single. CLXXX hasn’t made an appearance outside their basement cooking up new music, but that’s about to change real soon. CLXXX sets to meld music and fashion, art and sound through their music and aesthetics. Back in 10th grade, young Dante and Tym set about becoming the greatest rappers on the West Coast, following in the footsteps of Deathrow and contemporary Black Hippy. But at this point, they’re just trying to make any sort of name or buzz around themselves.

Amidst all the hype going on in rap these days, I think this song encapsulates the ambitions of our young rapper minds – our mind state is a young puff daddy, but our souls are feeling like Pac. We’re hungry for money because we don’t have anything to our name but we also want to maintain the artistry of our hearts and ambitions. I feel like most rappers choose one or the other, but CLXXX is all abut being yourself. Who says you can’t be an artist and talk about getting money and bitches in the same verse? There’s no compromise to being yourself.

With that in mind, we made this song in homage of Deathrow. You could think of the song as eerie 90’s boombap backdrop with trap hats and high intensity bars. Throw in a little Kanye cohesive incohesiveness and Travis Scott 808’s and you get a glimpse of CLXXX. The style rap might be something akin to Vince Staples or Freddie Gibbs. Tym has the hook and second verse, Dante Ko has the first verse, and the song was produced by Dante Ko.

Produced by Dante Ko of CLXXX
Co-Produced by TYM of CLXXX
Mixed and Mastered by Andy Han

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