HUEMANZ MILITIA 1995 AFRXWSTXRY prod. by Jay-Play @Huemanz Militia

production by: Jacob "Jay-Play" Thompson
Original Song & Credit be to (Da WolfPack - Definition)

AFRXWSTXRY is the first single from the upcoming album GXLD HERRINGBXNEZ: VXLUME 3 .It is the song that sounds every bit of the 90's and today's current events. It is a tribute to every mother that has lost her child by the hands of these wicked evil men and women. The Story from our perspective is what we are gifting to every listener. The first track and the first single from the album. We are releasing each single and video in chronological order because this whole album is a story, a story that needs to be heard in full. It is an enlightening and awakening experience for those who don't know, this is our movement. We are speaking to our afrxw people, short for our African people. We our giving our pain in relation to each one of our people. Produced as a recreation of Da Wolf Pac definition, by jay play. Entering 4 seconds into the track and on, we are telling you we want you to know. This is exactly what black lives matter means, an awareness. 

We are an original breed of warriors and descendants of the motherland. Flying high with our Mos High right by our side as we defeat these devils. Hip Sxul is the genre, a fusion of that classic old school hip hop mixed with the powerful emotions and feelings provoked by soulful music. Always delivering our message in a way ears are eager to receive. Despite the glitz and glamour, we are not interested in a mainstream life, we are and will forever be underground and true to our sound. We are MXSFLXWETICZ, always at an opposition to the opposed, a dynamic duo mixin’ the coldest sounds with the iLLest methods. Africa is Forever our Residing Origin Within. Need we say more? Always paying homage to the motherland and each pro black group before us and never forgetting where we began. AFRXW NATIXN is our peace and power to our people, it is our pride and our everything. We wear it proudly. Zixn Lyfe Records is our label and our home, it is the base camp to our militia. Each day we wake up and with each breathe we breathe, we strive to live our lives so that we may make it to paradise; Zion. We come in peace, but are prepared to destroy. Always representing the Red, the Black, and the Green. Peace n Lyte to all our brothas and sistahs across the land. We are HUEMANZ Militia, join the revolution for it will not be televised.
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