@djagentm : THE UNCANNY EP

Invizible Circle Records are thrilled to announce the release of the debut album from Leeds producer DJ Agent MThe Uncanny EP is available to download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

A hip hop DJ/producer from Leeds, Stephen Lynch – aka DJ Agent M –  plays soul, funk, R&B and neo-soul, as well as his first love hip hop, having started DJing at school youth clubs. He made his debut on local radio at 16 for the Rapscallion show on Peoples FM (105.6 FM) in Leeds and as a DJ he has opened for various artists such as Keith Murray and quite recently LA rapper Bus Driver, as well as hosting his own hip hop night called Best Kept Secret. 

Stephen has been involved in a lot of community events, most notably the hip hop celebrations in his native Leeds. He currently produces for two labels – Invizible Circle Records and Ftrsndmtrx (Future Sound Matrix).

Instagram: @djagentm
Twitter: @djagentm


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