Travis Jeremy MAD

Travis Jeremy’s music is a blend of influence from Hip-Hop generations before his, with today’s sound. In his music, he likes to motivate people, be positive, and give people hope. During performances, he likes to give his audience the studio vibe from the stage, so people can feel that pure creative energy.
At a young age, Travis Jeremy met music celebrities, like KRS-One and Fat Joe. Being around them opened his eyes to the true meaning of Hip-Hop. These experiences inspired Travis to become more creative.
With a Jamaican father and Puerto Rican mother, Travis infuses his Caribbean roots into his music, using different accents and languages. Talks with his older brother — a Jay-Z fan — about life, turn into jewels revealed throughout his songs.
Travis Jeremy grew up in the Bronx on Sedgwick Avenue, right near Cedar Park, home to the Godfather of Hip-Hop: DJ Kool Herc.
His father is a Zulu Nation member, who participated in transforming the movement from a street gang to a community group. Early memories of the park jams, with legendary Hip-Hop icons like Afrika Bambaataa, showed Travis the power of music bringing people together.
By age 11, Travis was expressing himself through poetry and lyrics, influenced by Hip-Hop artists like Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas and Big Pun. He always carried his notebook with him, writing rhymes.

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