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Los Angeles native rappers Te-Money & The Game connect for his first official single COLORS which will appear on his upcoming mixtape West LA

Los Angeles native rappers Te-Money & The Game connect on his first official single off of his upcoming mixtape West LA. 
“For me this song is bigger than the music and I feel that this message needs to get out because what a lot of people especially out of state don’t understand is that Bloods & Crips out here in Los Angeles can come together and work with one another for a positive cause. My label is called The Gang Ent and the word gang has always been viewed as a negative word: a gang is defined as an organized group of criminals. This gang that you are being introduced to with the slogan and belief We govern ourselves is not an organized group of criminals. It’s actually an entertainment company that was thought about and formed to bring at risk youth together. I was once an at risk youth in a gang. Being in a gang taught me unity, discipline, survival skills, and structure. Everything about being in a gang is not negative. It all relies on the individual and what they take from it. Now, it’s time to focus on the positive aspects that gangs have to offer. The vision of this gang is to help one another prosper and keep everything within the organization. Like a trade system, this gang is a group of individuals with different visions trying to reach the same common goal” 

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