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is proud to present the newest music video from Brooklyn rapper Anakin Artz, for his single "IN$IDE" off of last year's independent EP release Dark Matter.  

The clip is directed by Gorilla Flix and co-stars Cali based internet model Stacey Hash.

"When love and politics don't mix, Artz finds himself putting too much faith in a gamble. Riding off into the sunset with a beautiful woman and money would be the ideal perfect ending, but his savvy coconspirator has other plans." 

Directed By: @GorillaFlix  
Music Produced By: @Rena1ssance_
Starring: @AnakinArtz
Co-Starring: @StaceyHashh
Album : Dark Matter 

About Reject Dreams
Founded by Raymond "Anakin Artz" Allende, Reject Dreams is a creative collective made up of musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, designers and like-minded individuals bound by a common interest to create with unvarnished expression. We aim to represent the lost, forgotten, and those who have been disenfranchised and ostracized by society for walking the road less traveled. We subscribe to the idea that our shared thoughts and ideas possess the power to influence and inspire the world around us. So raise your glass to the outcast, downtrodden, misunderstood, and those who are unafraid to dream! 

Learn more at www.RejectDreams.com

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