Con: #FreeDreams Produced by @mvstermind :@minthemiddle #MALCOLMEX #mme #stl

"Free Dreams" Produced by Mvstermind
Art by Matt Theron
[Album] "Malcolm Ex"
Art by Gregory Davis

March 21st marked the debut of Artist Con’s single “Free Dreams” Produced by Mvstermind, which follows up with his album “Malcolm Ex”  that releases April 1st 2016. The single showcases the St.Louis MC fully coming into his own as an artist, with an new approach giving his message out. The album includes features from Mvstermind, Lottiee Denise & Jasmine White. Production from Black Spade, Mvstermind, Michael Franco & more to add further texture to the world he recreates, which reflects the world he lives in. With his project, “Malcolm Ex”, Con champions the style of today’s Hip-Hop that to wire his messages in digestible ways. Malcolm Ex will be released on April 1st 2016.


The independent hip-hop duo from St.Louis, MO, consisting of a guitarist/DJ (Michael Franco) and the Emcee (Con). The two have accomplished a lot separately and individually. Con’s journey starts with him and his collective MME (as seen on Charter OnDemand, the Source, and DJ Booth), Michael Franco started as just a guitar player that toured the country with G-Eazy. Now Michael Franco produces all the tracks while Con delivers the vocals.The two have released their first debut EP titled “she EP” May 12th 2015. February 27th 2015 they performed their first live show Co headlining with Marc Goone at The Demo & sold out. Along with headlining the RFT Music Awards Showcase at the Main/Red Bull Stage, which is a festival held in Saint Louis, MO. The two have also toured for the first time with the MME collective & will again in April.

- Social Media:@minthemiddle

Malcolm Chandler - Con

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