Breeze Mantana -#Shine Directed by J Wolf Stewart @BreezeMantana @DirectedBy_Wolf @TheRealSterCity

Mount Vernon,NY MC Breeze Mantana Releases The Visual For The Ster City Produced "Shine"
Shot In NYC & Directed By J. Wolf Stewart

Breeze Mantana


Directed by J Wolf Stewart

Breeze Mantana is known for painting vivid pictures 

with his lyrics – combine that with thought provoking 

visuals and the result is a masterpiece. The video for 

Shine, a track produced by Ster City, is work of art that 

expertly depicts the spirit of the grind. 

Filmed in NYC and directed by J Wolf Stewart, the 

visuals for Shine give us a look into the mind of Breeze 

Mantana and a preview of what is to come. 

Shine is the first video released from his forthcoming 

project, American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge, 

scheduled for release this spring. 

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