Charles Joseph - "On The Way Up" @CharlesJoseph1

Charles Joseph is an Artist/ Producer from Brooklyn, NY. He has been steadily growing his buzz performing around NYC and consistently releasing new music. This video is the second major video release from the Joseph Mixtape. This song was produced during a transitional time in Charles life and is dedicated to anyone working hard towards goals in life that feel opposition. He had this to say about the record
"I was going through some tough personal and family issues when I wrote this song and I can hear it even more when I listen to it now. I was also working heavily with J Soundz at the time and we were bouncing ideas off of each other. He is from Atlanta originally and he would just play records in the studio and we would chill and smoke sometimes before producing and recording. I would get to hear what he was really into at the time and some classic records he came up on. That had a lot of influence on this song. It was outside of my normal style and that's what I liked about it.This song is really dedicated to anybody making sacrifices in their life to reach their goals. It's tough, but reaching new heights is worth the struggles."

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