Willie WAZE "Beautiful Day In Da Ray" @DaYunginWaze

The art form of Rapping has always revolved around the rapper and where they came from. Wether it be a borough in NYC or a city in Virginia, the rapper has to get you hip to his environment. In "Beautiful Day In Da Ray' Willie WAZE does just that. While repping Del Ray, (a part of Alexandria City in Northern Virginia) he eagerly let's you in on the daily activities of the youngins in the area as well as where they eat, chill with ladies and even their views towards law enforcement. The song itself is a dedication to his childhood friend, Julian Dawkins, who was murdered by an off duty Sheriff on May 22nd, 2013. The melodic beat was crafted by Maryland native Ca$ito Del Fresco, a member of the InnerLoop Beats collective. The visuals were handled by up-and-coming directors Jeffrey Leslie, Jeremy Jamin, Aye Waiter and Tim Ruth. With catchy melodies and noticeably clean visuals, Willie WAZE gives you a one of a kind experience...one that is just as beautiful as the day he is describing.
Instagram: @Wazeology
Twitter: @DaYunginWaze

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