Proper - Mandingo EP (CA)

Mandingo EP is the latest semi-autobiographical offering from Proper of Pride & Purpose. Proper aspires to present a self portrait using the varying patinas and hues at his disposal. The completed work Itself will then exist to provide the backdrop of the man behind the alter ego.

An organic work of art.

 In this light, we see "Mandingo" as a character attempting to make sense of it all discerning through countless spheres of influence. Theories of ghetto survival vs mainstream survival are at the forefront of Mandingo's decision making and reactions. Raised in a single parent household with knowledge of self being the focus, these ideas are consistently challenged outside of his front door. Often standing in solitude, Mandingo finds a way to find solace in his foundation in spite of what may threaten the integrity of the foundation itself.

1. Intro
2. 700
3. Do It Moving
4. Stones feat. Au Jus
5. Chucks/Libation
6. Turf Music Pt. 2
7. Wisdom Of A King
8. Chalky White
9. Killing It
10. G Moms
11. In My Feelings
12. MandingOutro 


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