Marcel P. Black "Black Power" (Prod. By KutCreatorAtWork) @MarcelPBlack

Black Power (Prod. by KutCreatorAtWork) cover art
This song was recorded 5 years ago by New Orleans Producer KutCreatorAtWork, but never officially released. Right after I recorded this, I graduated college, got fired from my JOB, got married, and had a child, all in a 5 months span. Needless to say, this song & the others myself and Kut were working on kinda hit the back burner. 

After listening to this song one rainy April afternoon, I decided the song is still dope 5 yrs later, most importantly still relevant & much needed in today's times. The song is unapologetic in it's Black empowerment theme, while at the same time very street & raw. If you've seen me perform live, you've heard the first verse before lol.


Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered BUY KutCreatorAtWork @ The Honey Comb Hideout in Hammond

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