New release: Rotkeller «Sublime EP» incl. remixes by Kelpe, Dave Eleanor, Digitalis, Baumeister @luanarecords

The «Sublime EP» marks the third release by Fribourg/Bern based producers Rotkeller. It features two adventurous new jams and four remixes laying hands on the last full length «Herr Vodmar». The reworks were done by Kelpe, Dave Eleanor, Digitalis and Baumeister.

The vinyl is another collaboration with Everest Records, limited to something BELOW 200 pieces. Artwork by Dimitris Baboulis. Mastered by Adi Flück / Centraldubs Bern. Includes DOWNLOAD code.

Get it from our store. If you wish digital only, go here.

The vinyl is limited to 187 copies. Most of the snippets are already up here.

Preorder is already up, orders will be sent out these days.

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