Chames Last Call (prod. MG) @Chambersthepoet

Last Call is a feel-good and soulful Spring/Summer anthem, and is the first single off of Chames' upcoming double mixtape "Saturday"/"Sunday."  This track will be featured on the Saturday tape.  Saturday is more upbeat with party anthems, while Sunday is more introspective with serious messages.  The double mixtape will be released on May 1, 2015.

Twitter:  @Chambersthepoet

Chames (Jon Chambers) is a 24 year old hip-hop artist from Harrisburg, PA.  He has been writing songs and poetry since the tender age of 10.  Since he has been writing poetry at such a young age, lyrics and substance have always been at the forefront of his music.  Early influences were hip-hop legends such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Rakim.  He is one half of the hip-hop duo Nick Arter & Chames.  They released their first group mixtape entitled Champagne Tour last March.  As a solo artist, he has always managed to release relevant music and maintain his own voice.  On September 2nd of 2013, Chames released his first solo music project since he released a book of poetry entitled My Poetic Truth in 2012, under his government name Jon Chambers.  The release is entitled The Fountain of Youth.  This year, he released an EP titled Root of Evil.  When you listen to Chames, expect to hear everything from introspection, to ego-driven lyrics, to spirituality, and above all else.. the plight and triumphs of a young adult trying to navigate his way through life as he is honest with all of the thoughts and emotions that come along with it whether they be good or bad.

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