"Henry Ol'Skool" Prod. By Niles Mack @MikeMelinoe

Mike Melinoe
Mike Melinoe is set to release his new anticipated album "Natures of PropeR Element$" March 17th. The Detroit native of Oragnic Geniuses, a ultra creative collective, is a certain creator that is destine to be on the top blogs and nationwide music platform very soon, releasing a visual that revamps the high favorite of most of the underground "Henry Ol'Skool". Melinoe is seeking to show more with his talented diverse mindset when writing as displayed here, he's one of the rising artist from Detroit, MI would advise all to find interests soon.

​Audiomack: Audiomack.com/artist/mike-melinoe
Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/og-lick

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