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Travis Garris An Virginian Hip Hop artist better know as Bread was born in Norfolk Va.He grew up in a single parent house hold with his Mother, brother and sister.Growing up he was always musicly driven 
learning music the right way by playing instruments and keyboards taking music courses all the way threw school.’’I always love band cause i could relax and respect real music real instruments.’’A lot people looking from outside in could never understand as a teen Travis had a hard time adjusting to life as any young juvenile growing up in A single parent household , left a lot of time on his hands and by attending Booker T washington High school he had a lot of friends in 
areas where they were well know drug zones and he was always in the wrong place at the wrong time.Eventually Travis's father came back around in hope of a better relationship with his son’s.And his mother could’nt take no more moved Travis to his fathers house in Berkeley a Norfolk known red zone.Where he seen how to get money at all angles picking up certain trades in the streets.His father seen travis needed a time away and sent him to job corps where he acquired his GED, Licenses and a trade. Always rapping people in the neighborhood heard of him at that time it was the Unknown Assassin,battling performing all over the city.Dropping his first studio album in 2002 Hole in the wall, was circulating threw the city gaining a name for his soon to be record label Dolo Entertainment. Buying all the studio equipment he could bread started recording his self in making beats gaining more interest locally .Moved to Atlanta Ga in 2003 chasing a dream went to the labels shopping his talent. Had great leads Def Jam South and Big Fish Records were considering artist development but nothing solid to keep him in Atlanta he was there six months before he decided to leave back to Va. Working and Hustling earned him the name Bread by always keeping knots of money on him so with more money comes more music. Dropping a well deserve mix tape in 2006 Welcome to the Bakery he branded the name Bread to be known as.Stunting is habit was the his first official single from the mix tape performing locally everywhere he could.In 2007 he drop mix tape D boyz season which he work with a multi of local artist and atlanta artist .Working with his own budget a mix tape a year want cutting it Bread had to go harder taking a break from rapping starting producing more working Hustling for money to get a quality product .2009 going hard for his protege Uptown hefe Gutta, bread passed the torch and put out the talk of the town mix tape .Which was a instant hood classic selling over 1000 copies in a couple of weeks .2010 Then bread was back rapping with Back to Bakery Ft Uptown Hefe Gutta and new artist Young Swag. The mix tape had 25 songs.’’I guess you could say i had A lot built up Im back''.With a bigger budget bread bought his company he was working for which made him a true boss given him the mind set and ambition to go stronger than ever .Linking Up with New orleans Producer Lil Raymond given bread a sound like no other trans formed bread to Breadlagafell a more Distinguish Businessman and hustler and Kino Beats an Virginian producer with a list a production credits has been working wit bread. Recording him and mixing his tracks wit perfection .Linking with Kino got Bread the feature with Slicc Pulla an Atlanta rapper who's under the C.T.E umbrella young Jeezy’s record label. The Collaboration was hit and I Do It was made and now spinning on local radio stations.The single was inserted on numerous mix tape tapes and mp3 download websites.’’I make music for people who can’t and people who love music Im not just an artist Im a fan too, so stay focused and shot for the stars i know one will eventually fall. ‘’ Laga

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