JARREN BENTON & TOM P Music Video Release 'ATL Nightmare' FIR

Tom P 'ATL Nightmare' music video featuring Jarren Benton

The Atlanta MC's Tom P and Jarren Benton drop a video for 'ATL Nightmare.' This is their second collaboration since Tom P featured on "F*ck that sh*t they drinking" on Jarren Benton's debut-album 'Huffing Glue with Hasselhoff." 'ATL Nightmare' is featured on Tom P's recently released album 'The Preachers Kid.' 
Tom P Jarren Benton - ATL NIGHTMARE - Music Video
Tom P Jarren Benton - ATL NIGHTMARE - Music Video

Tom P directed and produced, along with handling; casting, set-design, costuming and prop-design for the 'ATL Nightmare' video. He has directed four videos in two months and plans to release a follow-up soon "Sloppy Seconds" featuring RITTZ (Strange Music) along with two videos to promote his upcoming mixtape (TBA)

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