@IODOfficial With cosigns from Pro Era and industry giants, Brooklyn-bred Artist, I.O.D, drops new song and video, "Ebola"

In this 2Ri directed music video, I.O.D is the last man standing in an
Ebola-ridden world. He struggles with thoughts of insanity, hunger,
and finding a way to ease his restless mind. In the song's thematic
verse structure, Ebola is representative of bad energy, women as a
vice, and a nasty flow, respectively

I.O.D is a 21-year old contemporary hip-hop/punk rap emcee from
Brooklyn, New York. Born in Harlem, raised in Brownsville as a child,
I.O.D was influenced by jazz, 90s R&B and songs from his mother's
birth country, Honduras. He has been developing his own cult following
known as the ArmMe since his inception into hip-hop, and is now on a
mission to revolutionize the music industry by blurring the names
between all genres and bringing the artist-fan experience to a higher

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