Sol ft Hennessy - Throw Your Deuces Up @HipHopSol @hennyhennhenn

dSactown's The BeatKnocks (Sol and Hennessy) are back with another single, "Throw Your Deuces Up". This is a dedication to all the people that support what we do. "Throw Your Deuces Up" is the 2nd single off Sol's album Distress Signals which is now available on iTunes as well as most other online retailers.

About Sol

Sol Lopez is a performing artist, songwriter, videographer, and audio engineer based in Sacramento, CA. He is considered one of the top talents in these areas of creative craft.

Beginning well over a decade ago, his inspiration to write music and poetry sprouts from real life experiences. Sol's ability to connect with audiences of various backgrounds and cultures reflects his diverse upbringing. Over the years Sol has produced music for many local artists and continues taking on new projects to further nurture the hungry Sacramento music community.

Studying audio engineering at Sacramento City College further helped Sol develop his craft and challenge himself creatively. His music has appeared in popular video games, FOX Sports programming, various mixtapes, and guest features on albums from artists across the globe.

He has also co-written and produced two group albums and two solo albums including "Spittin Images" from The BeatKnocks. His acapellas have been used in over 1,000 remixes via and he happens to be the most remixed artist on the site.

No stranger to performing, Sol has spent many nights rockin' stages at venues and clubs throughout Northern California and parts of Nevada alongside his group Forensic (which formed in 2008).

Distress Signals was released in March 2014.


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