Nova Rockafeller Throws The Ultimate Rager In "Lunch Special" Official Video

Displaying Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.37.55 AM.pngCanadian born/Jamaican raised LA rapper Nova Rockafeller has released her official video for her brand new song "Lunch Special." Produced by Chest Rockwell and co-directed by Nova herself alongside Kavan the Kid, the video showcases Nova rapping in a British accent. "I don't know why it's in a British accent, I just followed my heart."
With Nova's new music, she is successfully mixing her decade long journey through the annals of underground hip-hop with the 90's alt-rock and pop that she grew up loving. Her wide array of musical influences, from Busta Rhymes to Weezer, make for a sound that is both fresh and distinctly "Nova."
"Lunch Special" will be available on Nova's upcoming free EP out later this fall via Boardwalk/Island Records.
"The budget was through the floor, so me and Kavan The Kid, who co-directed, just hit a grocery store and invited over a bunch of people from the internet. I remember looking around my house and thinking 'who the fuck are these people and where are their clothes?' It took a whole day to clean up, and if my landlord sees this I'm pretty sure my label will not be getting back the damage deposit." - Nova Rockafeller
In support of her EP release this fall, Nova will be joining frequent collaberator, DJ Nobody, to perform weekly throughout September at Low End Theory, a staple in the Los Angeles tastemaker scene. Each week Nova and Nobody will be premiering a new song, culminating in her performing her EP in full on October 1st.
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