*NEW EXCLUSIVE** Majesty Mell "All In"

All In" Lead Single From The Upcoming Album "Kill Me NOW" Produced By RicandThadeus.

There’s a clear distinction between hearing someone and actually listening to them. Majesty Mell is definitely someone that people need to listen to. Hailing from Brooklyn NY, the hard working, young entertainer, infuses his tireless work ethic in every aspect of his music. Majesty Mell gives us the meaning behind his name - M.A.J.E.S.T.Y is an acronym for (M)ust (A)ccept (J)amel's (E)xcellence (S)tarting (T)oday (Y)es and M.E.L.L. represents (M)ost (E)xcellent (L)iving (L)egend.
Majesty Mell recalls, as a youth he didn't have very many friends mainly because of his “over- achiever” attitude. “I just felt that I had to make the best of any opportunity that was given to me, even as a kid”. Unfortunately, this type of philosophy made his peers despise him even more.
Introduced to the world of hip hop at the tender age of 4, Majesty Mell remembers going completely insane whenever a Snoop Dogg video came on MTV. Although too young to rap, the young scientist would hang around his uncles as they would write rhymes & practice routines to impress the local girls. Fast forward four years later - Majesty Mell would be directly affected by a legendary Queensbridge MC known to the world as Nasir Jones or better known as Nas. The 8 year old began writing rhymes to the beats that came out of his childhood video games, T.V. commercials, songs played on the radio, and even to the sounds & rhythm of a local construction site doing demolition just a few blocks from his home. This diverse landscape of sound and music would become the very fabric of his artistry. Majesty Mell describes his music as; complex, yet simplistic, street orientated mood music! “My music caters to the forgotten street dwellers who thrive on the hope & possibility of a brighter day”.
Majesty Mell's online presence has grown tremendously over the past year and with the help of super producers like; THX - Producer for Snoop Dogg, David Banner, Flawless - Wale's Official Producer, Superstar O - Producer for Chris Brown, Jim Jones, T Pain, Waka Flocka, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Rosco Dash - Majesty Mell is on the fast track to becoming the young king of urban hip hop. With over 2000 live performances under his belt, and a new video “New York N%#@^$” getting almost 16,000 genuine views in a few short weeks, this young new artist is destined to leave his mark in today's entertainment business.
To date, Majesty Mell has sold thousands of CD's (including downloads) to his ever growing fan-base and most recently has begun working on a new project – “The Illprint Mix-tape Pt. 3”. This time, Majesty Mell will have major recording artists featured on his project. If you ask the young king where he will be within the next 3 years, he would most likely respond by saying, “discussing business strategies with Diddy and Jay”.

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