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MARAJ arouse out of the collaborative explosion of Double Phelix Sound in Kalamazoo, MI; a midwest sonic labratory defined by its excessive groove, vintage gear, lush instrumentation, and prolific release schedule. The band is made up of two MCs, two hooks singers, and two multi-instrumentalists/producers. Andy Catlin and Ben Lau provide the psych funk, rappers MotorCityKam and Darius G bring the flow, and hook singers Sam Cooper and Julia Toro lay a sweet sheen. Setting themselves apart from the classic hip hop relationship of rapper and producer, Maraj is a band in the truest sense: a collective of skills and voices who create a sound and style only possible through trust and collaboration. The group just released their debut self-titled EP and will release their first full length on July 25 via Double Phelix Sound.
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