Banamak "Time Of Our Lives" Official Video

Time of Our Lives is a song about living in the moment, forgetting about stress, and enjoying life as much as possible. It is the first single off of my upcoming EP, Beyond the Surface, and is free to download. Bump the track and enjoy the summertime vibes.The video takes place on Alki Beach, in West Seattle. I chose the location because it is a popular hang out spot, and I always have a good time when I’m out there with friends.

Banamak is part of the future sound of Seattle Hip-Hop. Combining his creative talents with an avid entrepreneurial attitude, Banamak makes beats, writes, raps, directs videos, and designs graphics independently. A sincere artist, his lyrics offer a fresh perspective and honest self-evaluation layered with dynamic self-produced compositions. After graduating from the University of Washington and finding no passion in pursuing a traditional career, Banamak decided to dedicate all the time that he could to his craft. What you see is the result.

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