Jelani Lateef "My Soul to Keep 2" (RIYL Common, Nas, Black Thought) @jaylateef

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Chicago rapper Jelani Lateef continues to buzz, releases: “My Soul to Keep 2”

“Evolving from a person who simply puts words over beats, to a speaker that is in tune with giving life to his 
tracks” – The Source
“He is truly a Forward Advance in the game of music” – Darryl James, Writer, Rap Sheet
“With a positive message and witty rhymes that make you think, Jelani Lateef is the socially conscious voice rap 
has been waiting for” – Ashley Perez, Writer, The Examiner
“Jelani Lateef is more than able to live up to his city’s nickname and beat the weight of giving a spirited message 
through his music” – Manifesto Mag
As his buzz continues to grow, Jelani Lateef is prepared to release his new album, “My Soul to 
Keep 2”. Gritty yet soulful, Jelani balances lyrical prowess with real life storytelling, to create 
an album that is both entertaining and inspiring. His growth as a musician is also displayed, 
having produced 9 of the 12 (including 2 bonus) tracks on the album. 
Early in his career, Jelani Lateef was primarily a battle rapper. His focus was on the technical 
side of rapping. It was all about “I’m the best” and “Lyrically I can do this”. While this element 
clearly remains, as proven by the single “In The Game Now” and the hard Jelani’s willingness 
to share his story is what has garnered attention. 
In a music genre where bravado is mandatory, it takes courage to show vulnerability. Jelani’s 
love for his daughter, who lost her birth mother to cancer, is clearly stated in the emotional 
song “Little Girl’s Eyes”. Popular singles “Forward Advance” and “Can’t Stop 
Now” explain how Jelani turned a tragic situation into motivation to continue down the road to 
Having been through many ups and downs, Jelani is channeling all he has experienced into 
music. His popular mixtape series can be found on His first Manhood Ent. 
release, “My Soul to Keep” is currently available at all digital outlets. On August 18, 
2014, “My Soul to Keep 2” will continue to showcase this undeniable talent! 

When you combine the descriptive storytelling of Nas with the witty punch lines of Common, and a laidback, but powerful delivery, the result is a critically acclaimed Chicago rapper named Jelani Lateef. Speaking from a street level, but with a consciousness that can be appreciated by adults who feel that rap music isn’t positive, Jelani has over 10 years invested in the music business.

Having experienced both the ups and downs of the music business, and with a tremendous amount of music in the vault, Jelani Lateef is preparing to launch a full scale assault on the streets. With a series of solo mix-tapes and a LP on the way, this year promises to be his most successful year to date!

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