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'grown' is an intimate look into the past and present life of Davis Absolute. Honest lyrics dive into the realities of addiction, confusion, and hopelessness. The project details the resolve finally found in Jesus Christ and a world growing strangely dim with respect to the new creation of Spirit found. 'grown' is the autobiographical piece of a selfish, thieving, lying, manipulating sinner and his journey to meet Christ at His throne
01. grown (SINGLE)
02. Cornerstone
03. IKYK
04. Motion Talk 
05. Magnolia
06. TRIPPY Feat. Dorian Grey (SINGLE)
07. Poor Man Dreams
08. Shot Them Down
09. Sacrifice (Outro)
10. Slow Down (BONUS / SINGLE )

Davis Absolute Bio:
Davis Absolute is a hip hop artist with a message far from the media’s inaccurate representation of life’s true meaning. Love, Life, Christ and the struggle of trying beat to your circumstances are woven throughout lyrics of a truth that’s heartfelt and absolute. Davis looks to spread the gospel of Christ while delivering of positivity and true happiness through his music with an aim to captivate hearts and minds with spiritual discernment. “This is the way hip hop is supposed to be,” venturing outside the realm of material possessions and short-lived pleasures. Davis touches on real topics and meaningful discussion through his music, communicating a message with staying power. The coming and current generations can tap into his music and gain something genuine. Get back to Living Water with Davis Absolute.

the absolute truth: positive, unconditional, definite, certain, conclusive, confirmed.


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