Gone Wallace - Lost in Memory (Remix) ft. Soia

Lost In Memory Remix Ft. Soia (prod. By Mez)

Gone Wallace has an old school style mixed with a future sound. His distinguished sound has earned him comparisons to the styles of Childish Gambino, Curren$y, and Domo Genesis. With his use of soulful samples and fan boy rhetoric, Gone discusses current world issues and future dreams.
hiladelphia native, Gone Wallace, blesses Austrian artist, Soia's, 'Lost in Memory' in preparation for his 'Passion Project' EP and short film script.
P Gone's sultry wordplay and Soia's soulful vocals compliment each other perfectly over Mez's smooth soundscape.
I also welcome you check out my other projects (info below)
PS: All press is good press and if you have time to write some words about the project I would be happy (a review, an interview or just a track breakdown. I will return the favor and post the press on Twitter). The goal for this project is to progress towards making this a reality and not a dream (shows, bigger features, etc).

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