D.M.V Artist Releases Limited Time Free Download @mclogic

The people’s hero M.C. LOGIC released his new album, Personal Legend, on
July 1, 2014 with most of the major online music distributors. The album
was produced by the boom bap wonder Dublohskytzo, designed by Matta Fact
of Signed to Myself LLC, and has received the stamp of hip hop approval
from many of the DMV’s heavy hitters.

For a limited time (ending August 14, 2014) M.C. LOGIC is allowing all
Soundcloud users to download his first single for FREE.  The Listener is a
catchy-radio worthy song, dedicated to the hip hop heads who love music.
It’s the kind of feel good song you play to remind yourself to relax and
just enjoy life.

Music Videos:
http://youtu.be/qpfHrEehY8Y (Slide show & video footage of The Listener)

Social Media:
TWT @ mclogic
IG @mclogic

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