F.B.E Cleve A.K.A Cleveland Kid
Leader of F.B.E rap group
Member of Tha Coalition (Fbe Cleve & Da Projekt)
Performing and Song writing since 2009
Mixtapes include: The Audition, Raps & Snap-Backs, The Dead Art, The F.B.E Tape, and Tha Coaltion Tape
Fbe Cleve is an Up-N-Coming rapper born in Cleveland, OH. He is currently living and performing in Las Vegas, Nv. He has written and produced various songs, and has an exstensive tracklist. He has a unique style to his music, making it his own, but you can find traces of his influences in his music. Influences such as Tupac, Freddie Gibbs, Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, etc.
You can find music by Cleve,


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