Recorded by RapStarr 2014
Mixed by Lloyd Maz 2014
Produced by DJ Fusion "Weed Smokers Anthem Rap Beat (Im So High Sample)"
RapStarr and featured artist Lloyd Maz talks about the Marijuana Dreamers of the world. The people who are under the influence, and talk smack about what they gonna do to whom ever and in reality they frontin'.

RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane Cam. I’m a 23 year old Hip Hop artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have been rapping since I was 9 years old and I have been writing songs since I was 12. I started off rapping by battling local rappers in my neighborhood. Hip Hop is a very big part of my life. Everything I do somehow involves Hip Hop some way, shape, or form. My music style is similar to the East Coast Hip Hop style of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. With Eminem and 50 Cent/G Unit as my biggest influences, I have also taking a liking to LL Cool J, Tupac, Don Omar, and Lil Kim. My music is about speaking the truth and spreading knowledge and substance.
I have had my first concerts at my college and have met legendary Hip Hop artist KRS-One and Doug-E-Fresh. In 2012 I have opened up for Hopsin, and performed at Faded Fest Hip Hop concert. My most recent performance was at the Hip Hop Mania sponsored by Earth Entertainment. My current song I have finish is called “The Conversation” which is very complex, yet shows the true essence of Hip Hop. And a song which Mexican legend Selena. I have done a remix to her hit song “Dreaming of You” called “Late At Night”. My whole goal is to bring the essence of the East Coast Hip Hop back. You contact me at 412.823.2565 Email is RapStarr412@yahoo.com or follow me on Twitter @RapStarr412 and add me on Facebook en (www.facebook.com/cameron.poncedeleon)

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