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As you see I represent an artist who wears a mask and clown makeup etc.... I personally enjoy the work put in the image of the artist. 
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After many years of hard work we are now ready to release our music to the world, and nowadays the best way to do this organically is through blogs. We have been doing our research and we feel that your blog would definitely compliment our brand and that we could mutually benefit. Please have a look and all feedback is encouraged. Thank you for your time and for considering us as a representation of your blog. 

The KISS principle.. In the 70's a rock band painted their faces - a cat, a rock star, a fire breathing demon,,,The power and simplicity of their music shook the world! Ladies and gentlemen we have a new Phantom of the Opera on the scene and with no less genius.
The suit has talent. Incredible talent. While some may say he is gifted, the reality is that the skill, the talent, the persona of the suit… has all been forged in the cauldrons of the street. The talent is purely the result of the incredible synergy between a belief and a desire; which has resulted in years of burning away the dross of his message and sound, ultimately deriving an authenticity and a marketability to his first CD "Follow Suit" that has producers with accolades sitting up, juices flowing.

Song description: 
Laced over Mason Payne's airy melodic production, this song describes the feeling of being on top of the world. Transcending space and time altogether, this is the kind of high you don't want to come down from.

Written by the Suit and co-written by Benny Brisco 
Recorded and mixed at Phase One Studios in Toronto with Dajaun Martineau
Beat made by Mason Payne
shot and edited by Mike Perdue
Directed by Mike Perdue and Co-directed by the Suit 
Video Produced by the Suit Music

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