Orry Caren (@orryweekender) & Megamegaman (@ohmegamega) Present.... "Neverlandin"

Guitarist/producer Orry Caren and rapper/producer Megamegaman have joined forces to present their debut album; Neverlandin, releasing spring 2014 on Subfriction Records. 

Neverlandin is a hip-hop album on which the artists have taken a songwriters approach; these two active producers and musicians have come together to create a record that favours live instrumentation over sampling, with Orry Caren on guitar, Megamegaman providing the vocabulary and both on production duty. Each track was written collaboratively and recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by the boys in their home studio Kami House in late 2013. 

Minimalistic and downright honest, Neverlandin brings back an element of hip-hop which has been missing for so long...purity, representing nothing more than a picture of human observation and thought, perfectly executed over sharp production and heartfelt melodies. Ok... maybe more than one element. 

The album is playful and positive, yet deep and dreamy. Orry's guitar liks are beautiful and haunting in equal measure while Mega's rhymes are both forward thinking and nostalgic. A combination equal to bread and butter, truly a revival of whatever "real" hip-hop is. 

This is Neverlandin, available soon on Subfriction Records.

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