@enimaLwins L.A. Widdit

FGM Entertainment Presents:

"L.A. Widdit": The newest visual from L.A. bred rapper/ singer/ producer, enimaL (formerly from the group, Fly Guys).  This mellow, L.A. anthem takes the viewer through a myriad of Los Angeles landscapes rarely captured on film as enimaL braggadociosly reps his town.

"Bet she knowin' what my name is though, e-n-i-m-a-L that's enimaL. Spell it backwards and it's 'L.A. mine'. Tryna stack this paper like the L.A. Times.'

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Directed by Adam Hamer (Kanye West x Big Sean - Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay) with the production handled by enimaL, "L.A. Widdit" is a smooth groove that you will feel regardless of whether or not you rep L.A.
Download "L.A. Widdit" on iTunes: 

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