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  "GO!", featuring Enigma RickyRick.  The video was self-produced and self-directed, filmed by RedSuede Ent. (RedSuedeEnt.com), and edited by Mental Flight Ent.  It is a trippy video with a catchy hook and old school rap flavor.   

GO! S.Blaze ft. Enigma RickyRick

Videography: Red Suede Ent. @RedSuedeEnt
Special Effects: Mental Flight Ent.
Instrumental by: Neerd Beetz
Mixing and Masting by: Kyle Young @TheKyleYoung

Special Thanks: @lachness7, @tayblayz77, @bolo290, @jaysintheschizo @kingdomamir

S.Blaze: @Welcome2TheAve
EnigmaRickyRick: @EnigmaRickyRick

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