I love this song. Some real shit being said on this. This is the point of being an MC. On some Chuck D type shit rap is a revolutionary music and can be used to speak truths in a way other genres cannot.
The beat was bumping and delivery was in the pocket on point.
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  William Rose is a 17-year old lyricist from Baltimore,MD who's determined to bring  the state of the rap game back to the golden age.  After his last single "A Long Way To Go", he's decided to record a new song titled "Keep It Real".The song was released on February 15th of 2014 and marks a new time in his career. As stated previously, William is from Baltimore,MD and currently resides in Edgewood,MD which is in one of the surrounding counties where he's been building up a buzz at. His goal is simple. He said "I want to become one of the best artist in the Hip-Hop genre and spread my life story for others to relate to along with a positive message". William plans to solidify his reputation in not only his local area, but eventually all around the world to become a household name.

                   "Keep It Real" is a song that not only challenges his community, but mainly the society that we live in and those that influence it especially rap artists. The motivation behind this song was to simply make the world a better place & bring rap music back to the state that it was once at during the Golden era . He's the only artist featured on this song and the beat is produced by Vanilla. It comes off of his recent project "For What It's Worth".

                 Rose Management is a management company run by William Rose that specializes in managing talented artists that are involved in the Hip-Hop genre.  

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