@EnterCommission @MicoCommission @SimonSezMusic @Tiyeeternalist @MyNameIsBigBoss @AllanSiema @WeareAmeg "The Great Commission" [Mixtape]

Enter The Commission are happy to be back. With a title that fitfully suits them, The Great Commission release is one to watch for. It is partly an unfamiliar sound for the fans that have already been acquainted with the group and their former material. It is nothing short of the rigorous tenacity and vivacious expression in rhyme and format for which the group are so highly praised for. The project bares a rather modern texture in sound, flirting with an electronically-lead sound, as opposed to the 90's boom-bap style, of their previous mix tape, Book of Five Rings: Methods of War. Altogether, The Great Commission it is a swift and enjoyable effort, comprised of twelve songs in total. A song which best describes the exciting tenor and sound of their new release, is 'Rhyme Experiment'. Almost as if Enter The Commission are emphatically saying they are not content on remaining the same, or, meeting same expectations, year after year.

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