"The Statement" - @AziziGibson (prod. by @MillzDxuglas ).

Check out the new single from Azizi Gibson.
Produced by Millz loved the beat the drums banging in your ears.
The delivery on the track is really nice. Allot of changes in the flow and vocal tone and it goes well
Really rhymes in the pocket riding the beat tight
Check out the single  and download the EP
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Backward Books
The EP
Other than it being the Japanese style of reading , Azizi feels he's just starting to get use to this upside down place we call life. Feeling like you know everything will only make you look like an ass at the end of your time. Listening to your elders and reading books is not enough to prepare you for this harsh world. You have to go through life day by day to gain experience. 
Azizi had been sleeping on couches for 2 years since he moved to Los Angeles and has now worked his way up to his own house.  The world is full of ups and downs and in most cases WAY MORE DOWNS, but always keep your head up. The project is to get you more familiar with the fun and hardworking preHISTORIC Crew. With amazing sounds from Flying Lotus, MiLLz, Jonathan Lowell, Modern Outfit, Jeremiah Jae, Jon Wayne , Clams Casino and more, Azizi is sure to please you. 

Here to announce the official EP with this first track set to be featured on the project.
(The file is attached) 

"The Statement" - Azizi Gibson (prod. by MILLZ). 

All we can say for now is 

"Coming this Spring"

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Twitter: @AziziGibson
Insta: @AziziGibsonpH

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